Get listed on Zomato -

Get listed on Zomato


Step 1: Find your business

Go to the webpage for businesses on Zomato. Key in your business name and location to see if your business is already listed on Zomato. If it is listed and not claimed, click on “Claim this restaurant”.

After you choose “Claim this restaurant”, you will have to enter your registered Zomato ID, name and contact number to proceed with the process. If you are not registered with Zomato, go to Zomato’s homepage and click on “Log In” at the top right corner and then “Sign Up” to register with your mail ID.

Once you submit this form, Zomato will contact you to help you with the process.

Step 2: Register your Business on Zomato (if it is not already listed)

Search for your business with name and location as mentioned in step #1. If you are not able to find your business, click on “Add a restaurant” option.You will have to enter some information about your business including restaurant name, geographical location, phone number, website, features and social media handles. It is very important that you specify the correct contact details in this step as Zomato will use this information to contact you.Alternatively, you can also use this link to add your business on Zomato. Click on “Add Restaurant” at the end of the form to submit the information. Zomato will get in touch with you to verify the information after which your business will be listed on Zomato.

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