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How to register your business on


Digital profiles are one of the most effective channels for businesses that are looking to increase revenue through digital marketing.

Digital business profiles require effort - Creation, maintenance, constant updates, and optimization. But, once you perfect your brand’s presence online, you can effectively use it to increase customer acquisition! is one such platform where you should register to create a profile for your business. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • can help your business set up pickup and delivery options with no setup fee! Your brand will be on the path to elevating customer experience with no added costs. 

  • Partnering with gives you access to their tools and technology. You can power your delivery service with its seamless technology. 

  • You have the opportunity to give your brand a boost in business presence by partnering with An additional digital profile will mean that more customers get to interact with your brand. 

  • More eyes mean more revenue! Supplement your in-store sales with additional takeout orders and pickup orders. 

With that being said - follow the step-by-step guide below to register your business on

Step 1

Head over to the sign-up page built for businesses on and scroll to the bottom. Fill out the form with details like your business name, email, phone number, etc.


Make sure you select the correct business type before submitting the form. Your options will include restaurant, grocery/convenience store, hardware, laundry and dry cleaner, pet store, pharmacy, liquor store, and any other local store. Choose the option that suits your business the best.

Step 2

To proceed, you will need to give more details of your business. These include the exact location of your establishment and a phone number they can reach you at. Depending on the business type you choose in the previous step, you will be asked for additional information. 

For example, if you pick ‘Restaurant’ - you will be asked to fill in the cuisine your establishment serves.


Give as much information as possible about your business. For example, If you believe that your restaurant fits in two cuisines, add both! This will help your restaurant to be found by more users.

Step 3

At this point, you will also be required to select the kind of services you want from Your choices include - Delivery only, pickup only, pickup and delivery, and no delivery or pickup. Pick the option that best suits your business needs.


Make sure you add an accurate and clear description of your business. This will help customers on the platform to understand your brand better.

Step 4

Make sure you are ready with the billing details and bank information for this next step. Start by entering the legal information for your business like the corporate name and the Federal tax ID.

You are presented with a few flexible options here: 

  • The payment frequency you are comfortable with - Monthly or weekly

  • The option of accepting cash orders - as opposed to only online payments


    This option involves additional rates based on your choice. Make sure to review those before proceeding.

  • The value and terms of minimum order for your business. This is not an option that you have to worry about if you deem it unnecessary. 


    Crunch some numbers at your end to understand what is your break even amount with this form of a transaction before you decide to skip this section.

Step 5

One of the most important aspects of creating a digital profile for your business is getting the specifics right. And with a platform like, it is very important for you to ensure you fill out your business hours. This will ensure you receive orders when you are open and not through the day!

Step 6

Final step - You will have to review all the information entered and validate it from your end before proceeding to sign the contract.

Now that your business has been registered on, all you have to do is give your customers an amazing experience and keep them coming back!

If you’re unsure about what your customers find when they search for your business online, use the link below to run a presence report - It’ll take all of 2 minutes.