Register your business on UberEats -

How to register your business on UberEats


We live in an age where customers want their purchases to be delivered at their doorstep. Convenience, speed, and choice are some aspects that every new-age customer has the luxury of. With the rise in demand for food delivery, any restaurant that has remained opened has shifted strictly to take-out or delivery services, and have partnered with platforms that empower delivery services.

One of the largest players in food delivery services is UberEats. In 2018, UberEats held 24% of the total food delivery market in the United States and is predicted to rise to 27% by 2022. With their well-established brand name and predicted growth, business is seemingly booming for both UberEats and the restaurants they cater to.

UberEats promises to satisfy hunger - Not just the hunger of their customers, but including that of restaurants who are looking for a fast and efficient delivery partner to get their food out the door and onto the tables of their customers. As a restaurant looking to offer delivery services, partnering with UberEats has some huge benefits. Here are some quick points:

  • As mentioned earlier, UberEats controls a huge portion of the market segment. It was the top food delivery app by worldwide downloads in 2018, which means your brand is more likely to be virtually visited.

  • You don’t have to worry about the tech! The UberEats app is fully built to onboard your business in a seamless manner and help you start delivering delicious food. 

  • Registering with UberEats also means that you are increasing your digital footprint. The more the marketing UberEats does for its own app, it increases the chances of your restaurant being found and chosen by a new customer. 

  • The app also empowers your business with the largest network of delivery partners. This will ensure timely and efficient delivery of your food round the clock (or whenever you choose to cook!)

Making the decision of registering your restaurant on UberEats is as easy as placing an order on the app! This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of how to register your business on UberEats.

Step 1

Head to the signup page built for restaurants on the UberEats website. Fill out your restaurant’s details, i.e; name of your restaurant, address, the type of cuisine you serve, etc. 

Step 2

After submitting the form, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose to use UberEats’ delivery drivers or use your own staff.

Another useful option you will find here is the one where you allow customers to pick up their own orders from your location. Be sure to check this box because UberEats will NOT charge you a fee if a customer is picking up their order. 

Hit "Confirm" after you’ve selected your options.

Step 3

In order to speed up the onboarding process and get your business on the app, UberEats allows you to fill out your business’ legal info.


Be careful while entering the information here because this is what will end up on your agreement documentation.

Step 4

Once you hit "Confirm", you will be asked to review the terms of the agreement. This is based on the options you picked in Step 2.

Click on "View Agreement" if you wish to read through the document. You also have the option of downloading the agreement and sharing it with your legal team or personnel for reviewing.

Step 5

The last (and most important) step, you can get your business ready to accept orders on the app! Upload photos of your menu to the app or add a link to your latest menu and hit "Submit Menu" to complete the setup. 


Choose dynamic photos that give a good sense of your offerings. If you have professional pictures, it is recommended that you use them here. Try to stay away from photos that have bad lighting or where your dishes aren’t presented well. As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes first!

With your business registered on UberEats, all you have to worry about is dishing out fresh, delicious, and hygienic food! Let the app help you increase visibility and make sure the information on this profile (and many others) is accurate.

If you’re unsure about what your customers find when they search for your business online, use the link below to run a presence report - It’ll take all of 2 minutes.