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How To Add My Business To Google Maps

Over 1 billion people use Google Maps for locating businesses on a daily basis, and not having yours listed could mean that you’re losing out on a lot of potential customers. Well, it’s time to rectify that, and that’s just what we’re here to help you with.

Here’s how you can add your business to Google Maps.

Step 1:

Login to your Google My Business (GMB) account. In case you haven’t listed your business with GMB yet, here’s how you can do that.

Step 2:

On your business home page, click on ‘Add New Location’ on the left sidebar.

Step 3:

Next, Google will ask you for your business’ name. Enter your business’ name here and click on ‘Next’.

Step 4:

In the next step, you’ll be required to enter your business’ address. Input the address of the location that you want to add, and click on ‘Next’.

Step 5:

Now Google will show you a map of the area that you’ve mentioned, along with a location pin. Drag the pin to the exact location of your business, and click on ‘Next’.

Step 6:

In this step, you’ll be asked to enter your business category. If you already have a GMB listing, the category will be pre-filled, but you still have the option to edit it if required. Select the correct or most relevant category and click on ‘Next’.

Step 7:

Once that’s done, you will be asked to enter your business’ phone number and website. This information is optional, so you can choose not to provide it. Click on ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 8:

Now Google will ask you to verify your connection to the business. Keep in mind that without verification, your business will not be listed on Google Maps. If you choose to verify it, click on ‘Continue’.

Step 9:

The final step is to choose a verification method. You can choose to have a postcard with a verification ID sent by mail to the physical location. If you’ve provided your business phone number, you will also have the option of verifying your business through a telephone call.

Once the verification is done, your business listing will go live on Google Maps. Users will be able to locate and get directions to your business, leave reviews, and view photos and other details. As the owner, you will be able to respond to reviews, create promotional posts, and also track business analytics such as search volume, the number of times directions to your business were requested, etc.

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